BEECO is proud to offer United Industry tubing.  United Industries is the technology leader manufacturing 100% laser-welded tubing!

  • Experience, Stability & Reliability
  • Now Manufacturing Tubing up to 8” OD
  • Celebrating 75 years of setting the standard of excellence

Demanding application environments call for the highest quality tubing. It has been proven that laser-welded tubing outperforms TIG welded tubes. United Industries has been perfecting its laser welding capabilities since 1992. We are using a fourth genera­tion laser process that has set the standard for laser welded stainless steel tubing.

  • Laser welds are superior to TIG welds in the following ways:
  • Creates a deep narrow weld
  • Narrow heat-affected zone
  • Minimal distortion
  • Straighter weld
  • Greater strength and ductility
  • Finer grain structure
  • More corrosion resistant

United Industries has been supplying the highest quality tubing for over 80 years. Our ASTM A270 tubing meets the demands of the stringent environments in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Some applications are extremely sensitive and require the highest level of purity. Others have less rigorous standards.

Tubing for heat exchanger applications must meet very critical criteria – straightness over 60 foot lengths, weld integrity, roundness and even I.D. polished surface with superb weld transition.

Wisconsin and the dairy industry are synonymous and United Industries has been involved since the beginning of the modern sanitary and dairy industry. Both industry segments require clean and polished tubing with strict material control and identification. United Industries has provided quality ASTM A270 tubing that meets demanding chemical and manufacturing environments.

The use of ferritic stainless steel has made the high efficiency furnace a reality. United Industries is a supplier to the leading USA furnace manufacturers and has amassed the knowledge of production and the in-line capabilities to supply these very critical components for residential and commercial use furnaces.

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