FX Tubular UHT Milk Plant

The FX Tubular UHT Milk Plant ensures maximum throughput with higher turbulence and product flow to reduce fouling and shorten cleaning times, corrugated tubes in the preheater and cooler for lower dead volume and longer run time, and easy inspection and access for shorter maintenance times.

Our FX Tubular UHT Milk Plant is available in capacities of 6,000, 12,000 and 20,000 l/h with lower operating costs through extended energy recovery.

7 Benefits to buying a FX Tubular UHT Milk Plant:

  • Modular system for complete flexibility
  • Simply connect and run
  • Automatic control
  • Less product loss
  • Integration with existing control system
  • Skid-mounted and small footprint for flexibility in limited space
  • Lower investment costs


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