Sani-Matic Strainers are available in Angle-Line Strainers, Straight-Line Strainers, Tee-Line Strainers, Basket Strainers, and Y-Strainer configurations. With years of application experience in the Food, Beverage, and Bio-Pharmaceutical industries, our company veterans will evaluate your process needs first then consult with you on the appropriate style and sizing to ensure efficient and dependable results. Our wide variety of strainers are sanitary in design, constructed from durable stainless steel, and are easy to disassemble and clean, which allows quick inspection and service of the process line. Select strainers can use a perforated or wedgewire insert interchangeably. Filter socks or wire mesh overlays can be used with the perforated inserts to obtain fine filtration. Certain styles configured with perforated inserts conform to 3A sanitary standards.


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Sani-Matic Basket Strainers are specially constructed to strain particulates out of a high volume process stream. The innovative, durable design includes a side inlet, which allows you to easily remove the basket for cleaning.

Sani-Matic offers the widest variety of sizes and styles of high quality sanitary Angle-Line Strainers and Straight-Line Strainers for reliable performance.

Sani-Matic Tee-Line Strainers are designed to economically keep materials out of your pumps and process equipment without appreciably increasing line pressure.

Sani-Matic Y-Strainers produce reliable results with increased efficiency.

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