Spray Balls

Sani-Matic Spray Balls, Spray Devices and Supply Tubes are built from decades of experience in spray technology for the Food, Beverage, and Bio-Pharmaceutical industries.

BEECO's knowledgeable Sales Staff will evaluate your application needs first to design and manufacture a spray solution with appropriate flows, pressures and spray patterns to ensure efficient and dependable cleaning for your specific process equipment.

Cascade Diagram  

Cascade Action The side view of a tank shows the typical spray and cascade action of a Sani-Matic SB-1 spray ball in a dome top tank.

Shadow Diagram  

Eliminate Shadowing The top view of a tank with baffles and agitator show the “shadowing” of spray due to obstructions within the vessel.

DoubleBallCoverage Diagram  

Double Ball Placement Sani-Matic’s expert Sales Staff and Engineers will design multiple spray sources to overcome these obstacles to provide you with complete coverage.


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Sani-Matic's standard Spray Ball design is 3-A approved, when used with a wrap around clip.

Sani-Matic Supply Tubes are designed and engineered to place your spray ball in the perfect location to achieve maximum cleaning.

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